By Tan Yi Wern

KAMPAR, Feb 28 – Students are required to pay tuition fee even though they are undergoing the industrial attachment training, no exception for any individual.

Paying thousands ringgit of tuition fee while students are attaching to the internship programme in the industry is always a controversial topic, as students and parents could not identify its rationale.

“I am not using any facilities in the campus, neither do I attend any classes nor sit for any examinations, “said Muhammad Ali Abd Karim, 25, who is currently attached to Astro Awani.

Muhammad Ali said, “Perhaps the tuition fee is meant to cover the management, evaluation and traveling costs of the supervisors.” He continued “But even it was meant to cover the above expenses, isn’t the amount too much?”

“The internship allowance that student received is inadequate to cover the cost of living already, not to mention those unpaid interns,” said Lee Wik Wah, 53, mother of a Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) student.

In fact, there are students who did not apply for or ineligible for PTPTN loans.

“My parents and I doubted what are those credit hours we are paying for,” said Chang Seng Hwei, 23, who had gone to industrial training in the previous semester.

“Fortunately there were only few credit hours, so the payable amount is considered acceptable,” Chang added.

The reporter contacted one of the university faculties to get more detailed information, however, the faculty officer declined to be interviewed.

Besides, it is less cost efficient for students undergo industrial attachment outside the region of Kampar to travel back to the campus, solely to pay the bill.

“I transferred the school fee to my classmate and she helps me to pay it at Division of Finance’s counter,” said Muhammad Ali who usually pay his bill at the department counter.

“I do not need to visit the counter physically as my parents will make the payment at Public Bank branches,” Chang said.

“Methods of payment are listed on the student bill,” said the UTAR Division of Finance’s officer, who refused to be named.

UTAR students are allowed to make payment at Public Bank branches or through Public Bank’s Internet Banking Service, but these methods are applicable only when students pay the bill before the due date.

“Late payment can be made only at the counter of Division of Finance,” the officer added.