By Dinesh Paramasivan

KAMPAR, March 6 – SENBAZURU, meaning a thousand origami paper cranes folded together as a sign of hope in the Japanese culture. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Asian Cultural Society (ACS) had recently organised a charity event, Senbazuru, to aid babies which are affected by jaundice with the collaboration of Hospital Permaisuri Bainun which is located in Ipoh, Perak. The main purpose behind this event is to buy the hospital one unit of L.E.D lamp machine which will be able to cure the jaundice disease. Almost 200 students joined the event located in the Heritage Hall of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar, Perak to support and contribute to the society by buying their tickets which were sold at RM20 each.

Several activities were conducted during the event such as folding the origami as the main event and supported by other performances such as dance, live bands and singing. Nerossha Gunalan, Chairperson of the Asian Cultural Society (ACS) 2017 mentioned, “We wanted to organise a different type of event rather than the same old Cultural Night event. Hence, our team came up with these Senbazuru concepts as something fresh and new which also contributes to the needy. This is a better way of organising event for us compared to spending time and money on plain dance and music performances. We also would like to inspire people to contribute to the society rather than just spending money on entertainment events. The profit gained through this event will be given to the Hospital Permaisuri Bainun as a contribution on buying the L.E.D lamp to cure the babies affected by jaundice.”

The crowd were entertained with fresh talents of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) throughout the event and also organised lucky draw contest with several gift hampers worth RM150. Overall, the event was a meaningful one and the Asian Cultural Society (ACS) are determined to organise more charity events in coming months as this is just their first step towards helping the community.