By Sindu Mogan

KAMPAR, Feb 22 – Graduates of the August 2017 Convocation had the chance to get counsel and circumspection from UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik at tea gatherings held at Kampar Campus on 22 February 2017. Prof Chuah advised that “convocation is a festival of your prosperity, as well as for your folks and families to”. He also reminded the final year undergraduate students to be considerate and more focused towards their studies, and furthermore prompted them to dress modestly for the function.

Prof Chuah additionally offered tips and counsel as they start focused their future careers. He also mentioned that the top reasons why graduates unable to get job is due to impossible compensations; poor character, attitude and identity; poor relational abilities and charge of English; and in addition being too choosy about occupations.

He also said that, to succeed in today’s globalized and focused world, you have to constantly look for and learn new information, find new bits of knowledge and separate yourself from your companies.

Finally, Prof Chuah reminded the undergraduate students to keep the university’s standards in heart as they adventure into their next period of life. He additionally shared how commitments from individuals of varying backgrounds helped the university’s advancement previously, with trusts that the graduates will do likewise in future. The tea meeting not just filled in as a push to maintain a solid system with the alumni community; however was to keep in contact with the graduates after graduation.