By Daveenaroshini Selvaraju

KAMPAR, March 16 – Korea Study Tour is organised by the Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). This study tour conducted on January 2nd until 12th January.

The purpose of this Korea study tour was to giving an exposure about the Korea’s culture and also their type of lifestyle. There are so many faculties were involved in this tour such as FICT, FAS, FBF and many more from UTAR Kampar Campus and also Sungai Long Campus.


The students sharing their experience about their study tour

They are presenting and sharing their great experience with the students. Making some awareness about the study tour to other students. Their booth at Block P in front of the Computer lab.


Promoting the Korea’s cultures

The students have to spent their own money to this study tour and each person spent RM 2000 for a person including the Hostel fees and also the study fees. Moreover only one officer were followed the students to the entire tour. Roughly about 30 students get involved in this Korea study tour.

Therefore from this study tour the students get to know about their traditions and culture. “We went to Dong Seo university in Busan and we learn there their basic languages and their cultures”, said Tang Su Ching from Public Relation FAS.

“We try out their traditional dress called “Han-bok”, said Hu Yu Li from Banking and Finance FBF.

“This is an amazing study tour to learn the other countries cultures and their lifestyle”, said Tan Su Ching.