By Tan Yi Wern

What are the things you are grateful for? Something to eat when you were feeling hungry? Friends who willing to help when you were having a hard time?

Indeed, there are countless of things for us to be grateful for – those that we have taken for granted, and those that most deserve our gratitude.

We experience new things every day. We cried when we encounter difficulties, we celebrated when things have gone smoothly as we wished, we learned… and the cycle goes on and on indefinitely. We were so fortunate, weren’t we – that we have parents, good friends, teachers, and kind people around us that willing to lend their hands to us, advise us and guide us through the thick and thin, unconditionally.


Throughout the year of studies, there were obstacles that hindered us from moving further. We fell down, we recognised the true colours of people we trusted, we learned, we gained valuable experiences, and we moved on.

Because we know that history has no place for them – we shall not let those frustrations to stop us from succeeding.


Each and every convocation ceremony, there are parents who came all the way from different places, to celebrate and witness the moment of happiness.

Though waiting under the hot sun, still, the sunlight could not beat the bright smile on their faces when they saw their children looking smart in robe and mortar board.


Indeed, we often tell our parents that “I grew up already, mummy and daddy please don’t worry about me”.

How certain we were?

Don’t we know that we are still, and always, a little baby in their eyes?


“Boy ah, where are you now? Mummy is outside of the hall already.”

Who are the persons you think of when you want to share the proudest moment of your university life?

So often, students or parents can be seen holding phones and calling each other – one of the “traditions” students and parents practice – after the end of the graduation ceremony.


When time is irreversible, then capture the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow. Though we are growing older, people changes, but the memory a photo contains, never will.

Indeed, we shall live in the moment, but, be gratitude and unforgetful of those who fought to make the present possible for us as well.