By Dinesh Paramasivan

KAMPAR, March 21 – Hundreds of street dogs are loitering in the Kampar city untreated and unvaccinated. Most dogs are either ran over by vehicles passing by or left untreated which lead them slow death. A non-governmental group of students have gathered and form a private community to cure and help these street dogs in the Kampar area. The group consist of 34 people for now are nurturing and spaying (female dogs) so that the quantity of street dogs can be controlled. These dogs are properly vaccinated at the Klinik Haiwan Kampar and also being sent for adoption by posting it in the social media.

So far 47 dogs were spayed, 19 adult dogs and 11 puppies have been adopted by people not only in Kampar but from all over Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and so on. These organisation have also seek sponsors and financial aids from other established animal rescue organisation located in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang to cover up for the dog foods and medical expenditures.

Most of the street dogs are being fed by this organisation which have not been named as they claim themselves as freelancers by providing large dog food pallets (15kg) at certain areas for the residents and volunteers to feed the street dogs around them. Some of the places are Kampar West City, Kampar Putra, Westlake housing areas, Eastlake housing areas and also Kampar Old Town market.

“We realise that it is close to impossible to spay and treat all the dogs here but we are doing our very best to provide the best for this lovely creatures. Dogs have hearts too, they feel the share the same emotions with humans which is why they are called ‘Man’s best friend’ and   it is our responsibility to care and provide them with a loving home and blessed food,” mentioned Michelle Anne (one of the freelancer from the organisation).

They have also urged others to aid the dogs in their surrounding by feeding them where they can obtain free dog food pallets at the listed areas and also to post pictures of stray puppies and dogs in social media (Facebook and Pet Finder) in the ‘UTAR Kampar’ page for adoptions or attentions.