By Roshinee S.

KAMPAR, March 29 – Department of soft skills competency, Perak campus organised talks on ‘work ethics and disciplinary action’. This Talk held at LDK5 UTAR Perak Campus on 29th March 2017. Around 90 students participated in this talk.

At the 1.45p.m arrival of the guest lecture which is from Human Resource department of OCK group Ms Meusan Quek and their colleagues at the same time students registered their names at the register counter in order to claim their USSDC points. At 2.00p.m MC of this talk, welcome the students and speaker. He told that this talk aims to provide an opportunity for students to give awareness on work ethics, right and responsibility of employees and employers and workplace culture and environment for students who are going to become employees and employers in future.

The speaker from Human Resource department of OCK group Ms Meusan Quek starts to brief about their organisation. She said OCK Group is an expanding group of companies with a number of associate and subsidiary companies. OCK Group has put a lot of effort to develop four major business divisions in the industry which are Telecommunication Network Services, Trading of Telco and Network Products, Green Energy and Power Solutions, as well as M&E Engineering Services.

Nextly, she starts to explain on Work Ethics. She said that that work has the moral benefit and an inherent ability to strengthen character. In other words, work ethics is a value based on hard work and diligence. Capitalist believe in the requirement of hard work and its ability to enhance character.

She added that professionalism, respectfulness, dependability, dedication, determination, accountability and humility is the element of strong work ethics. So, each of the employee and employers will judge based on these elements in the business world.

In addition, she said that new employees failed to practice fundamental workplace ethics. As an HR of the company, she faces a lot of cases. She stated some fundamental workplace ethics which are couldn’t gossip about staff to another staff, couldn’t claim credit for the work of another employee, couldn’t spend several hours a day the work computer for personal use such as pay bills, doing online banking and so on.

Moreover, Ms Quek shows and explain on The employment job letter how its look like and the content of the letter which include the position hire for the employee, working hours, basic salary, payment method and probation period and etc. Once the employee join the company he or she will get the employee handbook. Each and every rules and regulation of the company will state in that handbook.

As an end of the talk, She said that be aware of work ethics, right and responsibility of employees and employers and try to adapt workplace culture and the environment when you become and employees in future.


Photographic session with students and the guest lecture Ms Meusan Quek

The talk ended with the photographic session with guest lecture and students. If you want more detail on work ethics, click  or contact to Mr Teoh Chan Yik at +6054688888/ Extension 2300.