By Daveenaroshini Selvaraju

KAMPAR, March 30 – Relationship playing an important role in every human’s life.  Every human is giving a special place for love, sex, and relationship in their life. More than that love, sex, and the relationship is a part of every human’s life.

University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Counselling Guidance Unit (CGU) organising an exhibition about the love, sex, and relationship at Block D and E.  This programme normally held in may but this year they bring forward the event earlier in the year.  Every year come up with a new theme and this year they come up with “Love, Sex, and Relationship”.


Exhibition about the sex education

Besides that, “ It is a one-week exhibition and also it is a very huge exhibition of the year”, said Chai Yee Yin from Faculty of Business and finance (FBF).

The purpose of the exhibition is to create an awareness about the serious relationship between a boy and girl and also about the sex.  Because many students are now easily having sex with their boyfriend and girlfriends, there are not aware of the problems that overcome later.


Exhibition about the Love and Relationship

“We are actually wanted to make the students understand about the intimacy relationships and how to overcome the problems”, said Lim Yi Wen from Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS).

Moreover, they also organise a workshop regarding sex education on 1st April and 2nd April 2017 at Block H UTAR. The workshop will start at 8.30am  to 4.30pm.


Workshop pamphlet about the sex education

For more details, students are encourage to visit their exhibitions at Block D and E and also can participate in the workshop.