By Mayuko Matsuoka

KAMPAR, April 4 – “OH WHAT LOVE LIVE TOUR” was held by WATOTO Children’s Choir at UTAR Grand Hall. This is a charity concert. So many people went to the concert and the concert was a great success.

Watoto has made a journey around the world since 1994 and gained support for about 50 million children orphaned by AIDS, poverty and other diseases in Africa, which is said to be 50 million people.

Under the accompaniment of adult leaders, Children’s Choir will send WATOTO’s vision and mission to many people through stories, songs and dances of their own lives.

Their mission is “Rescue a Child • Raise a Leader • Rebuild a Nation. “ Their vision is to reach out to more than 10,000 children by 2023.

Watoto is now working to nurture the leaders of the next generation of Uganda and to communicate the plight of the children of Africa who have lost their parents or have been hurt. Among them, they particularly emphasised social problems such as poverty, HIV / AIDS, war in the northern part of the country and traces of boys’ soldiers.

All Choir children have lost parents due to war or illness. And they currently live in the village “Watoto”. Experience as Choir gives the children opportunities to contact other cultures and greatly broadens their view of the world. In addition, by travelling around the world while playing concerts, children can be given confidence and courage, which also triggers up from sorrow and despair. Their goal is to care for 10,000 children in Uganda by 2023 and to be a model project to respond quickly to the relief of orphans and women throughout Africa.