By Roshinee S.

Kampar is a town in Kampar District, Perak. It was a tin mining town which boomed during the height of the tin mining industry. There were many tin mines on the borders of Kampar during the height of the mining boom. In the late twentieth century, most have to close down after the crumple of the business. The town was synonymous with this precious mineral. The Kinta Tin Mining or known as Gravel Pump Museum is an excellent location to review and have a glimpse of the scale of the tin mining industry and to know better the people who once worked in the open cast mines. Its located at Bandar Baru Kampar next to Petronas Station and also just near to Nasmir food court.


The entrance of Kinta Tin Mining Museum.

The operation hours of this museum are Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and weekends it’s open 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The admission of this museum is free and donation is welcome in order to improve the facilities for visitors. The objective to set up this tin mining museum are to keep the history of the tin mining industry alive and also a way to remember and pay respect to people for their sacrifices and contributions.


Women are separating tin particles. Women play a vital role in mine camps. They cook meals even a hard day in the mines


The elephant is known as Larut who found the tin mine.

The history of tin mining in Perak will not be complete without mentioning Larut, the pet elephant of the Long Jaafar.Larut had gone missing for several days, Long Jaafar sent his workers to find for it. They not only found Larut, but also discovered rich tin deposits in the area. So Larut seen as a founder of the tin mine.Visitors will not miss seeing Larut because it’s just in front of the entrance door.


Many of the information in the two galleries appropriately spaced and provide a conducive environment to know the history intimately. The figures at both side indoor and outdoor are perfect to illustrate the life of tin miners working life.


Workers are separating tin manually.

This Kinta Tin Mining Museum is indeed a good place for locals, foreigners, students alike who are interested to know more about tin mining in the country. This museum is good to visit especially for teenagers to get know the early days of Kinta Tin Mining and the hardship of those people.