By Daveenaroshini Selvaraju


Indian aunty selling Indian foods

Mrs. Vasugi and Indian lady who sell Indian foods in front of the rainbow walk Westlake, Kampar. Mrs. Vasugi selling the tastiest indian food in Kampar. So many students were buying food from her especially University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR), students.

It’s been more than three years that she putting this food stall in Westlake Kampar. Normally she opened the stall at 10.30 am. At the time many students come and buying food from the aunty. Not only the Indian students buying foods from her but the Chinese students also foreign students buying foods from her.


Varieties of Indian foods

Moreover, she alone selling food there and sometimes she having troubles in peak hours because most of the students were buying food at the time. Basically her foods are Indian foods and some foods are also in Chinese style. She has so many varieties in her food that’s why students are like to buy food from her.


Vegetarian “tauhu” sambal

Whenever approach her she said, “Besides the Indian students Chinese students are more likely to buy foods from her, because most of the Chinese student like the Indian gravy”.

Therefore, not only the students are her customers but the UTAR staffs and also UTAR lectures come and buy food from her. Some students packing extra foods from her. She said, “I have received good response from the students and that’s make me to put the stall everyday”.


Students are buying food from Mrs. Vasugi stall

Mrs. Vasugi also delivered foods for the students and her foods are not expensive at all. This is also a reason to the students to buy foods from Mrs. Vasugi. This business money is a partial amount to run her family.


Types of vegetarian foods

She selling vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and also selling ‘Nasi Lemak’. Moreover she selling fruits and Indian snacks. Vegetarians foods are cabbage, “tauhu sambal”, mix vege, long beans, and many more. Besides that non-vegetarian foods are chicken in different styles, fish fry, boiled egg, nuggets, and aslo indian gravy such as “rasam”, “sambar”, and so on.


Students buying food after their class

She is very happy to selling food to students and were very happy to get a response from the students that her food is tasty and delicious. That’s makes her more stronger she said.