By Daveenaroshini Selvaraju


Explanations of abroad study tour

KAMPAR, April 14 – Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) of  University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), organise a abroad study tour in next semester which is on September 2017.

The purpose of this study tour is to given the  students an great experience to study in abroad universities. This study tour make the students to learn the other countries culture and languages. This study tour organise in every semester by the DSSC UTAR.

Normally it is a one week or maximum two weeks study tour organise by the DSSC Department of UTAR. This study including students only.


Pictures of previous study tour

There are  certain universities were chosen for the study tour which is Japan, Korea, Singapore, China and many more. The students have to paid an amount to participate in this study tour and the will cover the school fees and the accommodation also partial of the meal.

For instance, the cheapest study was the Japan University study tour, because it will charge RM 1700 including accommodation and food. Moreover, they will bring the students to Toyota factory, and bring them to the universities to introduce the students about the Japanese culture and languages.

“Normally we are organise this short term study tour in semester break to make the students manage their time”, said Ms Siau Hui Wen, from the DSSC Department.

“This study tour mainly to strengthen their ability and their language proficiency”, said Ms. Siau Hui Wen, from DSSC Department.


Students visits DSSC booth to get more information about the study tour.

Therefore, students who are interested to participate or join in this study tour students may contact the DSSC Department.